The future is now

We believe all MEP participants can be future entrepreneurs, because their futures are determined by how they act in the present.

MEP Alumni Association provides an array of further development opportunities for all MEP alumni. By joining, alumni can apply what they have learned in MEP, and create their future in each and every moment.

Different stages


All participants who have finished MEP successfully are eligible to join the MEP Alumni Association. Act now and start defining your future!

Secondary Education

Workshops and events related to career planning and aspiration will be provided for students to gain competencies, set goals and take action.


We hope our alumni can contribute back to MEP by providing mentorship and entrepreneurship to other MEP participants. We believe alumni can improve their understanding and retention on the knowledge they have learned from MEP.

What's happening?

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If you want to predict your future, look at the things that you are focusing on today.